Earth Village

Earth gallery

The earth we live in is alive and breathing all the time. Find out the enormous force of the nature including volcanoes and earthquake zones, and consider the changes in earth environment including global warming and desertification.



One and only earth

If earth becomes sick, we will also confront danger. Among the objects on the floor, step on the object that signifies carbon dioxide.
The earth will become dirty and the climate becomes strange due to global warming. Pay attention to the 6 major sicknesses of earth. Earth will tell you where it is sick.



Successor of energy

How much of fossil fuels, such as petroleum and coal, that we are using is left? If we consume them at the present rate, it will all be gone. Therefore, we need new energy and renewable energy. Electricity is generated when pinwheel is turned. This is the wind powered generation.



Hidden treasures of earth

Animals and plants are our precious friends. If you personally plant seed in flower pot, water and care them, you can watch them grow strongly. Experience the marvelous lives of animals and view the process of incubation and hatching of eggs illustrated with large egg.



Green Lab.

How can the star earth live healthy and stay as friend with us for long long time? Shall we try experiment on recycling and environment-friendly ideas? Children will naturally understand the principles of science through diverse range of scientific programs.