Human Body Village

Hills on the face

If we enter the large eyes, we can see what our eyes look like and how we see objects.
When you put the ball into the large nose, it will sneeze. Take slide on the tongue to enter the mouth to see the teeth and experience how we swallow food.

- it's experiment view


Labyrinth of human body

Exploring the complicated winding of the organs of our body is like finding path in labyrinth!
When you beat the heart with palm of your hand, light will flicker as it beats. As you pass through the stomach and intestine that digests food, you will find elongated stools, which can tell you the state of health of your digestive system.

- it's experiment view


Corridor of five senses

Are you ready to press the button? Then, play the game of finding colored ball. After it becomes dark, find the colored ball indicated from the basket and put into the eye. Check if you chose correct colored ball when the light is turned on again.

- it's experiment view


Tunnel of birth

How did we grow in the womb of our mother? The fetus is sleeping in the womb.
One month, two months… As time passes, the images of the fetus become more definite. When you stand in front of the camera, you can see the appearance of yourself in the future when you grow up.

- it's experiment view


Diseases and health of children

Why does one get sick? What can I do to prevent from getting sick? You can find out easily about the causes and preventive methods of diseases that frequently manifest in children through the notice board on the wall.
Look at them with your parents and promise that you will abide by the methods illustrated in the notice board

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Sixth and seventh sensory workshop

Let’s think more and talk more!
Educational program on infants is carried out at the sixth and seventh sense workshop.

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