Rainbow Village

Falling of water drops

Enjoy yourself while making splashes of water drops in the water springs in forest.
Wow~ I can actually get inside an enormously big soap bubble. I can see glittering rainbow colors on the bubbles.



Rolling around in holes in trees

Play with varicolored trees in the bosom of huge trees! Read exciting and interesting children’s books and play on slides in the tree.
Pass by winding rabbit tunnel and beat large and small drums.



Gently walk through the clouds

If you encounter shower cloud while playing on soft and springy clouds, you will hear the sound of thunder and see lightening.
Hearing the cries of sheep upon encountering cumulocirrus clouds and sound of poop poop upon encountering thickly rolled up clouds, it seems I am really on the clouds.



Sand games

Let’s make wonderful sand castle with long tunnel through! Become an architect and connect sand castle villages.
Drawing pictures on the sand table with fingers will display the same pictures on the screen.



Exploration of glacier

Polar bear does not seem cold at all… Can people really live in igloos? Let’s try to make igloo and see if it is colder than the winters of Korea.
As you watch beautiful aurora of the frozen world, sea lion greets you over the icebergs.